Company Profile Part of insurance conglomerate with >$12B per year in revenue Multi-line insurer: home, auto, commercial

Heavily invested into new digital (direct-to-small business customer) channel including separate brand, separate technology stack and product offering.

Customer Base Profile Typical customer: sole proprietor and/or micro business in service sectors such as painters, plumbers, contractors

Prospect/User Experience An SMB (prospect) needs insurance to do business They visit the dedicated online website to get a quote Answers questions/fills in form - may get online quote OR may get "we need more info...we'll call you."

Business Problem The insurance company needed to standardize input data from prospects - partly because they needed to evolve/revise the input data they sought in the quote request form, but also because certain responses from prospects required manual follow-up. Part of that included validating that the business was legitimate and that it genuinely fit into the industry classification that that the prospect self-declared.

Their current data provider could only deliver a 15% hit rate, Unmatched records were pushed to their Customer Service Team for manual review, creating time delays and driving down conversion rates. It also created work backlogs for the CSR team.

Sample File Analysis: performance vs a well-known data provider We asked the insurance company to send us their current data provider’s "no hits". 3 separate samples were run, generating between 50 and 58% match rate. Assuming we would have also matched the 15% that their original provider achieved, this suggests were can reliably generate a 4X increase over one of the most respected data providers in the micro SMB space.

End Solution - Insurance Quote Validation

See PDF below. Bulk API matching solution Real-time API matching solution - this ties directly to their underwriting platform

We also delivered a industry classification code solution that was based on their own coding, separate from traditional SIC/NAICs etc. Their coding system was outdated, presenting a risk to the accuracy of their pricing and coverage details. We captured key words on company websites and translate them into 5 recommended codes, which are shipped back through the Real Time API. The underwriting team can choose from any of the 5.

Use Case - Insurance Quote Validation.pdf